Friday, February 14, 2014

Nymph GIMPing

Just playing around in GIMP. I saw this magazine cover and had to do it.

Sacred Heart

I dreamed last night of Zagreus and his sacred heart. I dreamed of being buried in water.

Grant this favour then, although so long after, to him from whom you are sprung; for you came from the heart of that first born Dionysos, so celebrated. -- Nonnus, Dionysiaca

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I live in the mid-Atlantic area, and we are getting a ton of snow from winter storm Pax, about 8 inches so far. I was just out walking my dogs and was astonished to see a flash of lightning bolt across the sky accompanied by a rumble of thunder. "Thundersnow," as such an occurrence is called, is exceedingly rare here, and I aim to take advantage.

This was particularly meaningful for me as just a few hours ago, I began work on a hymn to Jupiter Tonans, a thank-you for a gift he gave me earlier this year during a mean  rainstorm.

I think I will split up the melt and use some of it as an offering on the next Ides and some of it in a war water I'm working on.