Friday, November 8, 2013

Life Intrudes

Work, work, work. I've been buried under it. It's a mercy and a pain in the ass. Lord knows I could use the cash, particularly as the holidays loom (I promised my mother the new HDTV that she's been wanting; that's going to take the biggest chunk as I have resolved to use no credit this year and only buy what I can pay for outright with cash.) I work from home, and I've been feeling a little isolated, like a kid home sick watching all of her friends play outside while she's stuck in bed. I've been doing lots of whining.

Sometimes I feel like it would be healthy for me to get a part-time job outside of the house. At least I would be around other people a little more. But a part-time gig at this time of year would most likely mean retail. No thank you. I have done enough retail to last me three lifetimes, and retail at Christmas is soul-destroying in a way I can't afford right now.

I've been having bad dreams lately, including a whopper of a nightmare about my late father that put me into a funk for an entire day. That one hit during the dark moon, a really weird time for me, usually.

My new tarot deck continues to delight and amaze. I am so happy I decided to get into it and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. I'll be starting a series of meditations on the cards this week.

The fall colors are at their peak in my part of the world as my absolute favorite time of year descends upon us. The neghbors have been lighting their fireplaces, and the smell at night is intoxicating.

Overall, I'm feeling loaded down with mundane crap right now -- family, job, friends, health, house. I feel a little disconnected from my gods and guardians, and my spiritual year work has taken a backseat. I feel like I need to nest and retreat, and I'm not sure that's what's actually good for me right now.

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